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Bear Basics []
On-line suppliers of bear-making supplies, with a wide range of kits for those who are new to the hobby as well as supplies for those more experienced bear and toy makers. Offers a good range of quality fabrics since incorporating Oakley Fabrics, having the largest stock of Schulte fabric in the UK; considered the highest quality fabrics for bears, supplied by Schulte direct from the mill, including a new mohair silk blend. Located in Wincanton, Somerset in the UK.
Bell Ceramics
See "Lydia's Dollmaking Supplies" for some Bells products now available in the UK.
In January 2005 Dollcrafter Magazine stated that after more than 50 years, Bell's will be ceasing production. Their website now seems to offer sponsored links to doll related items. Bells was one of the major suppliers of everything you need to create modern artist or antique reproduction dolls (slip, tools, paint, moulds, wigs and accessories). Their forté was rather with modern than antique reproduction moulds but they did have some of the latter which are not supplied by other mould makers and in larger sizes. Located in Clermont, Florida, USA.
Brown House Dolls []
Easy Sew Designs for doll clothing and cloth dolls patterns; supplies fashion doll clothing patterns, historical and ethnic cloth doll patterns, French Fashion doll clothing patterns, vintage doll clothing patterns, baby and toddler doll patterns. Located in Michigan, USA
Byron Doll Molds
I have no website for Byron moulds any longer. They used to be manufactured by Poppengilde Doll Supplies who had a marvellous website and online catalogue of the Byron moulds with good details on body mould sizes and so on. However Poppengilde have ceased production, and although Byron moulds are still manufactured by another company, and can be obtained as usual through doll mould distributors, the website is no more.
Christie Bears []
Excellent web site for Teddy Bear supplies including needle felting, (new technique), patterns, paw pad materials, mohair, cotter pin joints, plastic safety joints, nut and bolt joints nut drivers, swivel neck joints, eyes, sewing threads, embroidery thread, high quality fillings, tool kits, individual tools, needles, bells, musical movements, videos and books. I am not an experienced maker of bears but this site had all I needed for my first bear and the mohair I have purchased is very reasonably priced and good quality. Located in Porthcawl, UK.
Cloth Doll Creations UK []
See under "Textile Creations" for Maddy Maddocks current websites. Located in Devon in the UK.
Doll Designs
Original doll knitting patterns produced by Patricia Evans and Jane Woodbridge; I almost always use their patterns for making basic socks. I had been unable to track them down recently but they seem to be selling their patterns now on eBay under the ID "dollieknitting".
Doll Infirmary []
Tina and Steve Watts are the "Dolly Doctors" who restore, and repair all types of dolls, teddies and puppets, made from bisque, wood, wax, compo, pot (plaster), celluloid, hard plastic, soft plastic, vinyl, or porcelain - including artist and mechanical dolls. They stock a selection of original parts, so where possible they replace with original. In addition they also make outfits to order, using original fabrics where possible. Located in the UK: 13 Windsor Road, Canterbury, Kent. CT1 3UN. Telephone 01227 479387. Open Monday-Friday, 9.30am - 4.30pm; Saturday & Sunday by arrangment.
Doll Links []
This is a labour of love website with doll identification and reference links, provided by Jennifer Miller. The indexed list focuses on identifying dolls, not selling dolls. Links about cleaning, collecting/buying, identifying, packing, photographing, repairing, and selling dolls on eBay are included. The linked websites are for reference only, and dolls shown are not for sale. None of the links are paid ads or paid click-throughs. A human being, not a bot, compiles the research.
Dollmasters []
Dollmasters is an on-line mail-order only company begun 12 years ago by Florence Theriault, who also founded Theriault's, the antique doll auction firm. Today They specialise in nostalgic gifts and collectibles celebrating yesterday's childhood. This site also offers a selection of books, which is what I have used them for in the past, and antique-style doll costumes. HQ in Annapolis, Maryland, USA.
Dollspart Supply []
Suppliers of delightful accessories for vintage antique as well as modern and reproduction dolls, based in New Jersey in the US. Barbara and David also offer an extensive selection supplies for doll making and repair, (eyes, bodies, paints, wigs, etc), through an on-line or mail order service.
Dolls Hospitals []
A collection of doll, teddy and toy related links
Dolly Weatherwax []
Selling fine quality antque dolls and related items. Contact Joanne via the website.
Doreen Sinnett Tiny Doll Molds []
Mould supplier for miniature antique reproductions and fairies as well blanks, kits and sewing patterns. Located in Oregon, USA with good overseas web on-line ordering service.
Ellie's Doll Workshop []
Owned and run by Mike and Lesley Edwards, who are enthusiastic about sharing their experience and skills with anyone interested in dollmaking. Stockists of a comprehensive range of materials, tools, eyes, lashes, assembly items and wigs, and also offering a range of courses. For those who have never made a porcelain doll before they have either a weekly class (4 sessions to complete a simple doll) or an intensive 3 day course to make a doll. They also run regular, continuing weekly classes to make dolls of your choice in a friendly and informal atmosphere. There are courses on special dolls/techniques such as ethnic or miniature or fantasy dolls, and also pattern making, shoe making and wigmaking workshops. They also offer advice on kilns, firing problems and operate a local kiln maintenance and repair service. They are the Seeley distributor for the UK, and are located in Bournemouth.
Patricia Evans
See under "Doll Designs"
Expressions []
Dianna Effner's doll and mould company founded officially in 1991, located in Missouri, USA. Dianna is a doll person, through and through, playing with, and designing dolls nearly all of her life. To my mind, Dianna's designs, while thoroughly modern and unique, offer all the charm associated with the antiques.
Goodie Two Shoes
Sadly, Kathy has given up the major part of her specialist business in custom made doll accessories, but still offers her wonderful Doll Shoe and Acccessory Workbooks for sale. Located in Garden Grove California, USA.
Gildebrief []
Excellent site for doll-making supplies from Karin Buttegieg. High quality products for all aspects of doll-making including vintage fabrics, laces, and buttons, as well as moulds, soft-fired greenware, items for wig-making, painting, and knitting/crochet threads. KB Dolls also available here, as well as subscriptions to the Gildebrief magazines (supplied in English or German - 4 issues per year - probably the best porcelain doll-making magazine available currently). Located in Vorwerk, Germany.
Gillian Richards
Gillian is a doll and mohair teddy bear maker and restorer with experience of over 25 years. She offers services including preserving antique doll clothes, as well as making new clothes, and dollshouse restoration. She runs weekly classes for porcelain dollmaking, teddy bear-making days, and is prepared to run 2-3 day dollmaking courses for people who live outside her area. She co-ordinates a Global Doll Society chapter for anyone who would like to join a group of dollmakers. She can also supply wigs, bodies, eyes, etc. for doll makers.
Please phone or email to arrange a visit as she is now working from her private home. Located in Bristol in the UK: 326 Canford Lane, Westbury-on-Trym, Bristol, Avon BS9 3PW, United Kingdom. Telephone: +44 (0)117 9495049 or mobile: +44 (0)7967551761.
Glorious Color []
The Glorious Color Shop, formerly (Glorious Patchwork), specialises in fabric, books, patterns, and other products designed or selected for quilters by Kaffe Fassett and Liza Prior Lucy. I strongly recommend this site for Kaffe's shot cotton plain fabric (a pure cotton fabric which in my opinion can be used as a "poor man's silk"); they come in a huge range of colours and are a very good light weight fabric especially suitable for dolls. The other fabrics are various weights - the woven fabrics (stripes and so on) tend to be lighter weight; they are very helpful by email and phone. Shipping from the US is very reasonable - about 9 dollars for up to 6 yards and keep the order below 18 pounds sterling (abut 30 dollars) to avoid import taxes in the UK.
Hat Shapers []
Site dedicated to hats. I have supplied the link for their reference section "hat dictionary"; however, they also supply Hat Shapers for dolls which can be used as a starting place for a wide variety of styles such as poke bonnets, and bells. They can also be used with different millinery materials like felt, silk, paper, raffia, etc. You can order from them online - and some Hat Shaper and many other products are available from Fibrecrafts in the UK [].
Yes - that's right - IKEA - your favourite furniture store - or not! This item may appear for a limited time only but currently they have a doll's tea service/bakeware and so on in a range called DUKTIG. The project described in the issue of Gildebriefe magazine (Volume 24: No3-2007), references a 17 piece coffee service, which you can paint and fire using your china doll paints, but this is no longer available - but there are other items - including a coloured version of the service, which may be useful. No idea if you'll find it worth the terrible pain of visiting and queuing at IKEA just for this item - the DUKTIG items do not appear to be available as on-line purchases.
Jane Laverick []
Jane is an original porcelain doll artist located in the UK, with an excellent secure on-line shop. She offers dressed dolls, as well as dolls to dress yourself, in all sizes from 18 inches down to a miniscule 1 inch. Popular items include her unique style of glass eyed dolls-house dolls including dolls in underwear with brushable wigs ready to dress; a zoom tool means you can see the dolls in detail under magnification.
[Do pause a while, to look at her blog, and enjoy her uniqe sense of humour as well!]
Lydia's Dollmaking Supplies []
Excellent new on-line supplier offering Bells Porcelain slip and Compobell, China Paints, Media, Brushes, Hand Glass Eyes, Gildebrief China Paints and Media, Kemper Dolls' Wigs, Tools, Clean Up Supplies, Bodies, Shoes, Socks, APTII Products and many more. Lydia is continually looking for new lines and goodies that are difficult to come by here in England. Located in the UK, contact by email or phone (01206-764538).
Little Trimmings []
Small-scale haberdashery for the miniaturist and doll-maker; the place on the web for those tiny trimmings, mini buttons and buckles, and fine lace (and so much more) that are so hard to find. Founded in 1994, and located in Reading, Berkshire in the UK.
Mystic Molds []
Suppliers of moulds for modern and reproduction antique dolls, based in Texas in the US. This is a very pretty website, recently updated to be very easy to navigate, and with lots of lovely original moulds. I have a couple of charming Mystic Molds, which are excellent quality and not ones I have seen repeated by other makers.
Nostalgia []
Suppliers of specialist ribbons including hand-dyed silk, silk organza, velvet, rayon silk satin, French wire-edged, Mokuba ribbons, and Italian metallic mesh, as well as other trims and laces. Many plain silk ribbon colours in useful 2/4/7/13/32 mm widths. Well-known for unique hand-dyed variegated patterns. located in Nottingham, in the UK.
Oakley Fabrics Ltd
Oakley Fabrics has now become part of Bear Basics Ltd., (see under Bear Basics above).
Recollect Doll Studio []
Dolls' Hospital, shop and studio with more than 200 reproduction porcelain/wax and modern dolls on display, all made at the studio. As well as supplying original doll moulds and providing restoration services, Recollect run private classes for small groups or individuals. Located in Burgess Hill in the UK: 17 Junction Road, Burgess Hill, West Sussex RH15 0HR, United Kingdom. Open all Year, Tue-Fri 10am - 4pm, Sat 10-1pm. Telephone +44 (0)1444 871052.
Regency Fashion [Fashion Pages]
Cathy Decker's interesting site includes Regency fashion pages. Costume information albeit from a period prior to the heyday of porcelain dolls; however many old and reproduction porcelain dolls are dressed in "historical" costumes so worth referring to.
Cathy also has some "wee Victorian Fashion Pages" buried in her eclectic site.
Seeley's [New York Doll Products]
Seeley's appear to have ceased trading, though their assets have been purchased by New York Doll Products, Inc. and they have announced thier intention of continuing to manufacture Seeley's products (molds for example). Seeleys were well-known as a US supplier of high fire clay products located in Oneonta, New York, with a focus on porcelain dollmaking and stoneware decorating in the hobby ceramic field. Seeley's was established in 1946 by Mildred and Vernon Seeley. Most recent UK distributor: Ellie's Dolls, whom you should contact with any queries about the Seeley range, and suitable substitutions.
Sheer Elegance []
Dollmakers and suppliers established in the UK in the 1980's. Husband and wife team, Bill and Carole Parrish have been reproducing replicas of the Antique porcelain dolls for the past 24 years. They not only make a comprehensive range of dolls, but are also suppliers of competitively priced bodies and glass eyes. The Doll's Hospital service offers expert restoration to antique dolls. Located in Corby, Northamptonshire in the UK.
Simply Silk []
Suppliers specialising in pure silk fabrics especially selected for patchwork, quilting and embroidery. Set up and run by two patchwork and fabricaholics who love silk and search out roll-ends of 100% silk fabrics, looking for the best quality at the most competitive prices. Liz and Christine are very helpful and will always try and suit your requirement in terms of quantity, colour, and silk quality from their available stocks. Based in Alton, Hampshire in the UK, their website now offers online ordering.
Stanec's Dolls Ltd []
Dollmaker Evelyn Stanbury's website. In business since 1986, specialising in providing quality education in the art of porcelain doll making. Offers quality greenware, and all the supplies required to complete porcelain doll from start to finish. Also limited numbers of quality reproductions of antique porcelain dolls, modern artist porcelain dolls, and original one-of-a-kind porcelain dolls by Evelyn, GMDM, and Certified Doll Artisan Guild Instructor. I have purchased greenware from Evelyn which I could not obtain locally, as well as some "on sale" items. Located in Canada.
Suzanne's Patchwork []
Good value fabric supplier. More than 3,000 items are available to ship world-wide through secure online store. Located in Florida, USA but offers excellent international shipping service, (standard shipping to UK cost for under 6m in UPS envlope at 9 dollars).
Textile Creations UK []
This is an interesting site about cloth dolls, by Madeleine Sara Maddocks who has "been designing and making dolls out fabrics and textiles since 1990". With her objective being to "share her passion for cloth dolls and cloth doll making", she sounds a bit like me; however - unlie me - she is an artist dollmaker, and undertakes commissions, selling dolls and patterns on her website. In addition her site has a great deal of interesting information and links. Located in Devon in the UK.
Theriault's []
Firm specialising exclusively in the appraisal and auction of antique dolls and childhood playthings, founded in 1970 by Florence and George Theriault. The firm's offices and cataloging center are located at the headquarters in Annapolis, Maryland, USA, although its auctions are conducted in major cities throughout the United States as well as online. Stuart Holbrook is currently President of Theriault's, and also head-auctioneer. Theriault's produce beautiful books of their auction catalogues, providing good source material for reproductions.
Wanke [eBay store "more4dolls"]
The company , M.Wanke UK Ltd , Dollmaking Supplies was started by Debbie Stanton to incorporate and expand her growing business selling materials for making dolls. Unclear as to whether or not they are still trading. Located in the UK: 468 Old London Road Hastings TN35 5BG (Telephone: 01424 444692).
Jane Woodbridge
See under "Doll Designs"
Where to buy Books and subscribe to Magazines [ ]
Most of the links from the bibliography section go to Amazon, where they often have the book referenced with a price even when the book is only available "used". As we are looking for books written in English, it is worth also looking at; many of the books are American anyway and as the exchange rate is so favourable (favorable) you can sometimes find the overall cost to you is less expensive even taking into account the overseas shipping. I bought "Bluette the Doll and her wardrobe" on special offer from the US at a lower price that from the UK Amazon.
Dollmasters []
Theriault's online order service supplies some books, and is a good source of the books they themselves publish which cannot be easily sourced elsewhere.
eBay []
Always, always, look at other sources to compare prices and availability. Carefully ask the seller any relevant questions about the book you are buying - make sure you know the edition and understand the implications.
Gildebrief []
You can subscribe directly for the Gildebrief magazine online or through a local doll shop.
Jones Publishing Inc []
This is a source not only for Jones' book publications but Jones seem to have devoured all the popular doll-making magazines, including the now defunct "Doll Artisan". So if you don't use a local doll shop, you can subscribe directly to Jones for their magazines (for example:Doll Crafter, Doll Costuming, and Doll).
Scott Publications []
Another good US website for ordering their titles directly, and subscribing to magazines (for example: Contemporary Doll Collector Magazine).

A final word of warning - if you are buying a publication that you have not seen "in the flesh" as it were, then be careful that you do not buy a book with the same content as one you already own, but published under a different name and publisher (with different cover and so on). Sometimes this can work to your advantage in that an apparently unavailable book may be available in another guise. However I was a disappointed victim of this when I bought the books: "Fabulous French Bébé for collectors and crafters " by Mildred Seeley published by Scott Publications in hardcover and "How to collect French Bébé Dolls" by Mildred and Vernon Seeley published by HP Books in paperback - only to find they have identical content (one or two layout changes but really no difference to the content).